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Songs of the Marsh

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Henry the Rabbit has a spot at Art Monday, selling prints, hatching brilliant realisable and impossible plans simultaneously.

紙の神 (Kami no Kami)
The Crooked Cow Crib (Itoshima)
Hanafuda Crane
Saga series
Takeo Steps
Spell Casting: Itoshima and Takeo series

Made in Japan

March, April & May 2020

After a month in Itoshima at Studio Kura's artist residency, and 2 months in Takeo at Arts Itoya. Here are some of the  prints I brought back along with memories of mountains, shrines, frogs, snakes, fireflies, butterflies and beautiful people.

Japanese readers can learn a bit more here:


Henry the Rabbit has been a minus profit project since 2011 the Year of the Rabbit

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Learn all the tips and tricks to make your own linocut prints in our one day How To Make a Linocut Print Workshop.

Or arrange multi colour 2-3 days projects tailored to your needs, drinking habits etc...from 375dkk


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Blågårdsgade 29, Copenhagen: Hanging with some of the finest Krunchists known to man: Matvey Slavin, ASK Fulgur, Christian Gundtoft. This article is a good starting point to find out more about Krunchism:


On a cool summer day on a tiny Swedish island back in 2014, the Brotherhood of the Rabbit got with the festival crowd, rubbed the soil of the land into their faces, and introduced them to a Serge Gainsbourg loop, ukulele tape echo extravaganza. The stage was stormed, and almost collapsed under the weight of the hungry fans.

Ladies and Gentlemen

The Brotherhood of the Rabbit

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