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Limited edition Pro-dubbed cassettes available from Moon Glyph (US) or The Rabbit (EU).


Limited edition Pro-dubbed cassettes available from Moon Glyph (US) or The Rabbit (EU).

Henry the Rabbit

Mixing instrumental soundscapes with the occasional choral melodies and vocals, Henry the Rabbit's Psychedelic Ukulele Skiffle is the soundtrack to your walk in the woods where you stumble across some perky nipped fungi that talks to you, that wants to be inside you, that wants to warm and soothe your body and mind in gentle waves of colourful caresses.

We have played on farms, in churches, people's front rooms, art galleries, festivals, country clubs and other music venues alike.

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Year of the Rabbit

It was the Year of the Rabbit (2011) when the donated Acer Travel mate, free Audacity software, and some 10 kroner microphone headphones were put to the test with all the soundmaking objects one could find in my 48 m2 of rented space: Pans and wine bottles included.

There was no plan to record an album, but after collecting a number of recordings, it was decided to release a home made CD with a limited edition linocut printed sleeve. I forgot to count and number them as a limited edition, but less than 50 are likely to be found.

Year of the Rabbit was released in the Year of the Dragon (2012).

Here it is in it's full wobbling glory with clicks, hisses, hungover lapses of time keeping and an array of instruments I barely took the time to learn.

Year of The Rabbit
This is where kitchen percussion is at full force with a Tom Waitsesque rhythm knocked out on the frying pan and wine bottle. The uke was clip mic'd to a 1 watt Honey Tone battery operated amp with a touch of over-driven distortion. Filthy!

It was winter, and I remember very little about recording this one. It was the beginning of my obsession with a woman and looping a single ukulele chord, and finding a pattern to play over it. Somehow the un-tunable uke gives it something that I will call,,,,,    charm?

The ex was called Miss Brand. It's her voice you can here recorded from my faithful Nokia and crappy mic. My real name is Mister Wood, so I combined the names to make a combustible racket with a bass drum and a one chord romp. The Travel Mate struggled with this one and kept crashing whilst I pounded the drum in the cellar. Had to shift some of the beats later. Intro / Outro completely and shamelessly nicked from a Brian Jonestown Massacre tune, another obsession of that time.

It was the day after returning from playing a festival called Nova in Oslo with Halasan Bazar on the drums that I recorded this one. Hazy memories, putting the Mahalo top end into finger bending awkwardness  with an odd shaped chord or two.

Luna's Gift
My dear friend Luna from Japan had sent me a most splendid parcel of Oriental sweets and delights, wrapped in the most extravagant, shiny, glittery and colourful way imaginable. A remnant of it had caught my eye when I had to press save on this track, hence the title.

Dune Bird
Back then I had the right to dole, but I had to work for it, so I had a spell at the Heerup Museum on the outskirts of Copenhagen in my neck of the woods. Here I began linocut printmaking, and the clay bird whistle was something I acquired from their little shop. This track is one that needed a bit of musicianship and virtuosity to give it a solo of some sort. Too bad there wasn't one around!!

Shine Away (reprise)
One of Fred's tunes, turned into a minute and a half of instrumental shakiness with appalling bass playing on top. Listen to the version by Halasan Bazar or The Hogliners. I was a drummer back then.

An attempt at getting myself into a trance and self inducing goosebumps. Despite not being able to play the instruments, I somehow managed to achieve my aim and purpose. High as kite on speed I was (for almost 30 seconds).


Halasan Bazar's Shine Away.

I cut this video from some disturbing youtube film I found.

Rabbit Hole Recording Studio 2011
Year of the rabbit Studio1.jpg

The day and night studio in all of it's glory. Everything on this table has either been retired, broken or stolen, but the table remains.


The laptop's fate was to a gang in Nord Vest Copenhagen, the theremin to some light fingered folk in Christiania.

Hard to believe I actually had a tuner.

Year of the rabbit Studio2.jpg

The Hogliners

A raw and raucous rip through Shine Away at Drone in 2010 back when Henry the Rabbi had the energy and ears to drum.

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