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Death Card to Donald

Death Card to Donald is a project for people to purge themselves of their vile, bucolic tumourous thoughts that have plagued their minds since the introduction of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America. It could also be used as a love letter for those sick enough of mind or for those flowery enough to believe love heals all.

The postcard is a depiction of Death in the form of a tarot card. In the tradition of the tarot, the Death card can be understood as an ending leading into transformation, new beginnings and a shedding of the old into the new.

With enough pressure maybe the people at the White House will listen to your requests for peace, compassion, love and understanding. If not, maybe it would be just good for them to know what a nest of vipers and cunts they are.

image donated by Henry the Rabbit

Dear Donald,

This is a message from the grave from mother earth, swirling in a vacuum, burnt out by a star, done and dusted.

The average man lives for -- earth years. You are nearing the end, and leaving a legacy of Caligulic proportions. Arrogance, economic worship and blind materialism for the hell of it. Racism, misogynism: you know the list, you have ticked them all off. You are a cunt of giant proportions. Like all men, great and small, you will be forgotten. More than forgotten, you will be annihilated, extinguished and obliterated from earthly memory. Your dreams will die, not a shred of evidence will remain on your charred and scattered bones of tyrannical ideology. King of the apes! Go fuck yourself into the shallowest of graves, and please take your evil henchmen with you.

This planet does not need you nor will it heed you. You fail to read the signs. Either that or you disregard them, and charge forward with your own egoistic, maniacal diabolical plans. You shall not survive! The spawn that crept between your legs will suffer greatly for your sins against mankind and all the creatures that have lived on this planet.

To think you can get away with the rape of the very environment you live in is as absurd as you being the so called leader of the free world. What a crock of shit Mr President! You breath the same air that you pollute with your stale stench of fossil fuels, and fossil minded hypocrisy. Even if this were read to you, not a word would get through. You are the brain washed puppet. The perfect face, too bloated with greed and anger to ever listen to the voice of reason, to the voice of compassion, to any voice that doesn't fit your pogrom.

Kiss the arse of mother earth Donald!

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