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Linocut Print Workshop

Learn all the tips and tricks to make your own linocut prints in our one day workshops.

Or arrange multi colour 3-4 days projects tailored to your needs, drinking habits etc...

Available in English, Dansk, Español。

Write to for more details.

ARTXP is the latest art platform for creative classes and workshops in Copenhagen.

Henry the Rabbit is pleased to announce his linocut printmaking workshop available now!

Our How To Make A Linocut Workshop based in Copenhagen will provide all the tricks to get you started on your introduction to basic printmaking techniques. Printmaking is a fun way to create images that can be used as poster art, t-shirt & fabric designs, propaganda prints, or limited edition fine art prints. It's great for handmade gifts or extravagant hate messages. I will guide you through all the steps to make some rather impressive prints. Within the day we should have drawn out, carved and inked up your linoleum which will be transferred to paper.

Materials will be provided for. 3 or 4 prints at the end of the day without chopping up your fingers is the aim, and a rather realistic one. We do use cutting tools, but with a bit of common sense, it's easy to avoid self mutilation. Guests will get to take the carved block home so you can make as many prints as they like with very few tools required. Christmas and birthday presents are sorted for everyone.

Needing inspiration for what to print? Check out Pinterest. It's chock full of images.

Feel free to contact me about arranging 3-4 day courses which will include an introduction to black and white printing, and 2-3 days to work on reduction colour printing.

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